Establishment And Development Of Medical Insurance In Ukraine

  • N.M. Petechel
Keywords: insurance, medical insurance, health insurance fund, voluntary medical insurance, obligatory medical insurance, insurance companies.


In this article the author investigates the history of the establishment and development of the institute of medical insurance. The author highlights the main historical stages of formation and development of domestic medical insurance. The characteristic features and significance of the stages of development of medical insurance are indicated.

The author emphasizes that the analysis of the history of the formation of any legal institution is a necessary prerequisite for determining the patterns of its development. The analysis provides an opportunity to identify features in its legal regulation, to identify prospects and ways to further improve the relevant legal phenomenon.

The development of medical insurance on the territory of Ukraine and its legal regulation was carried out in accordance with the socio-economic and legal conditions that existed in the relevant period. The author notes that in Ukraine, medical insurance originated in the middle of the XIX century in the form of obligatory medical insurance.

The article identifies a number of problems that hinder the development of medical insurance in Ukraine. The author points out the lack of a legal basis in Ukraine that would clearly regulate medical insurance relations. When concluding medical insurance contracts, the provisions of the Law of Ukraine «On the insurance» and the Civil Code of Ukraine are taken as a basis.

Given the lack of legal regulation of medical insurance at the legislative level, the author believes that it would be appropriate to develop and adopt the Law of Ukraine «On medical insurance» and the Model agreement of medical insurance.